Learning Docker - Part 3 - Using docker-compose

A problem with creating docker containers is that the docker run command can get a little bit complicated, especially when there are even more configurations. Similarly, when your application would need multiple different docker containers in order to run, then running containers individually and linking them together can be a mess to newbies. Docker-compose solves that problem. With a docker-compose.yml file, you define the services that make up your app, and run them with just one single simple command.


Follow instructions on Docker’s website

Deploying a wordpress website with docker-compose

  1. Create a folder containing your project

     mkdir wordpress_mysql
     cd wordpress_mysql
  2. Create a docker-compose.yml file with the following content

     version: 2
             image: mysql:latest
                 MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: somepassword
             image: wordpress:latest
                 - 8080:80
                 - "mysql"
                 WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD: somepassword
  3. Initialize the service with docker-compose

     docker-compose up -d

    It’s basically done. However, since the mysql container takes some time to initialize, the wordpress container fails when connecting to the mysql database, you have to restart the container

     docker-compose down
     docker-compose up -d
  4. Visit your localhost:8080. It works!!!